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Smart Marketing Solution for Shopping Centers

Increasing the footfall and sales of shopping malls by creating digital touch points and integrating the virtual and physical shopping experiences (Omnichannel Retail)

Smart shopping assistant for hypermarkets & department stores

Using smart shopping carts and mobile apps to create personalized experience for shoppers

Mobile app for guiding visitors in exhibition centers

Intelligent assistant for tradeshow attendees to get more out of their time and networking opportunities

Smart Positioning and Navigation

Using indoor positing technology in order to detect the users’ location in different floors and navigating them on the map to reach their points of interest (e.g., a store, product shelf, or exhibition stand)

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Sending targeted notifications and promotions to the visitors based on their personal characteristics and micro-locations in the shopping centers, stores, and tradeshows.

Customer Relationship Management and Gamification

Implementing loyalty programs and gamification for retaining loyal customers and increasing the footfall in designated parts of shopping centers, hypermarkets, and exhibition centers.

Detailed Analytics Dashboards

Improving business intelligence by analyzing users’ behavior when visiting different spots of the shopping malls, hypermarkets and exhibition centers.

Scart Indoor Positioning and Navigation System

Employing the most modern IOT equipment and complex algorithms, Scart has designed a unique indoor positioning and navigation system which enables you to provide a variety of location-based services for your customers and create an engaging digital experience for them.

High Accuracy

An accuracy of 1-3 meters

Device agnostic

Usable on all Android and iOS devices

Navigation to the points of interest

Showing the suggested route on the map

No need for Internet

Positioning in offline mode

Quick setup

Installation of equipment and preparation of the map application in less than a week

Target venues for applying the Scart indoor positioning system

The Scart Positioning and Navigation Platform can be used in a variety of locations as mentioned below. Managers of these venues can employ Scart indoor positioning system to not only guide their users via mobile apps to reach their points of interest but also send messages and notifications to the users based on their proximity to a designated spot (e.g., near a particular store).

Shopping Malls

Hypermarkets and Department Stores

Exhibition Centers

Amusement Parks and Entertainment Complexes




Smart offices and Big Factories

Projects and Pilots

Pilot Implementation in Hyper Star

Department Store

Pilot Implementation in Shahrvand

Retail Store

Implementation in Iran Retail Show Exhibition

Exhibition Center

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