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Our Vision

SCART is a tech company focusing on indoor navigation and proximity marketing. SCART provides smart solutions for large hypermarkets, shopping centers, and exhibition centers which can considerably improve the users’ experience in the digital age. For example, we believe that the future of retailing lies in digital solutions, so we are resolutely decided to continuously improve our products and provide our services as a comprehensive and integrated pack. Besides, we are endeavoring to be among the pioneers of the new generation of smart shopping technologies and digital shopping services. For this purpose, navigation, product search, shopping list management, product information, and special offerings are altogether packed and presented as a product aiming to help the customers of large retailers to have easier shopping. All in all, SCART develops smart assistants to create an easier, faster, and more joyful user experience.

Our Staffs

Mohammad Kalantary

Co-founder & CEO

SeyedAlireza Mirbagheri

Co-founder & CMO

Vahid Fakhr

Co-founder & CFO

Alireza Nadafy

Co-founder & CTO

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us. You can also send us your requests and questions, and we will answer your inquiries as soon as possible.