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SCART Solution for Shopping Centers

SCART has developed an integrated marketing management platform for shopping centers, which provides an effective connection between the center's managers, stores located within the centers, and shoppers. This software solution enables the managers of these centers to provide the customers with a unique shopping and entertainment experience. This platform helps to construct a bridge between the physical world and digital world, to overcome the customer relationship challenges, and to personalize the communication with customers.

SCART helps the shopping centers to know their customers, analyze their preferences and behaviors, and influence their customers' shopping behavior. The SCART system utilizes the most modern technology of indoor positioning system (IPS) to enable monitoring of the flow of shoppers and location-based marketing. Using the SCART platform, managers of the shopping centers and stores can manage their marketing campaigns successfully and send special offers and targeted messages to the customers.

A smart assistant for improving the shopping experience

SCART application can be used to inform the visitors and customers of the shopping centers about the special offers and events. Also, using the SCART application, the visitors and customers can see their position in the shopping center and get informed of the products and shopping suggestions around themselves during the period of their presence in the shopping center. Via this application, customers will have access to a full pack of information about the stores, discounts, and promotions; moreover, they can create their shopping list, find the information about goods and brands, and be directed on the map toward their intended store or product. Users can also employ SCART application to buy products online and pick them up at the shopping center, pay online while shopping at stores, book movie tickets, reserve a parking spot, etc.

Smart positioning and navigation inside the chopping center

SCART application helps the customers of the shopping centers to find their intended stores or places inside the center. Using IPS technology, the customers can easily observe their situation inside the shopping center on the map and easily follow their path to the stores, available offers, ATMs, sanitary facilities, parking, etc.

Customer relationship management and targeted marketing campaigns

SCART platform allows the shopping center and stores to send targeted offers and notifications. This platform facilitates sending personalized suggestions and messages for the customers based on their characteristics and previous shopping behavior and their location. Using the gamification feature, the shoppers can be encouraged to do the activities that are intended and favored by the managers of the shopping centers and stores, which may include visiting the shopping centers, visiting some particular points in the center, buying from stores, suggesting the shopping center to others, and so on. Furthermore, the SCART platform allows collecting the customers' shopping history and increasing their loyalty and shopping frequency. For instance, the customers can be encouraged to obtain scores by recording their invoices in order to receive special discounts and offers in their subsequent shopping.

A dashboard for analysis of valuable data collected from the customers

SCART managerial panel allows recording and analyzing the shoppers' profiles and preparing valuable reports of the visitors' shopping behavior. Besides, the managers of the shopping centers can use the SCART platform to monitor the customers' movement path and identify the most favored and the least visited points in the center. Such information yields continuous improvement in the performance of the shopping center.

Benefits for managers of the shopping centers

  • Creating a valuable database of the shoppers
  • Analyzing the customers and their shopping history
  • Analyzing the movement flow of the visitors
  • Identifying the most visited and least visited points in the shopping center
  • Increasing the customers' time in the shopping center
  • Receiving the customers' opinions and feedback
  • Increasing the footfall of different floors

Benefits for stores/tenants

  • Access to an effective communicative channel to connect with shoppers
  • Targeted, effective, and cost-effective advertisement
  • Attracting new customers
  • Increasing the customers' loyalty by offering targeted and personalized promotions

Benefits for shoppers

  • A joyful and personalized in-store experience
  • Simple interaction with managers of the shopping centers and stores
  • Receiving the required information for shopping
  • Managing the shopping list and optimizing the shopping time
  • Receiving personalized and location-based offers inside the shopping center
  • Less confusion by using navigation system inside the shopping center
  • Easily finding a parking spot and the parked car

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