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SCART Solution for Exhibition Centers

Nowadays, the digital lifestyle has created new needs. The tradeshow attendees need access to the exhibition information to get more benefit from their attendance. In response to this need, SCART has developed a mobile solution to facilitate the interactions among visitors, exhibitors, and organizers of the fairs.

The SCART mobile app helps visitors plan their attendance, stay up-to-date on the latest news and events in the tradeshow, network better, get booth information and product catalogs on their phones, and get turn-by-turn navigation to their desired locations on the exhibition map.

Using SCART solution, Exhibitors can easily reach their target audiences, find sales leads, and keep in touch with them even after the exhibition. Thanks to the digital catalogs and business card scanning feature, exhibitors can save costs on printing promotional items and consider the environment.

Besides, SCART managerial panels provide valuable information about the visitors’ behavior while attending the exhibition. The number of visits to different venues, dwell time at each booth, visitors’ movement paths, and the popular/crowded routes are presented in managerial dashboards in the form of charts and heat maps. The managers of exhibition centers and event organizers can use these data to better manage the ongoing and future events.

Personal Planning for Attendees (Both Visitors and Exhibitors)

  • User login, user profile and digital business card
  • Personal agenda and meeting scheduler
  • Note-taking
  • Setting alarm for determined events and meetings
  • Adding users to contact list using QR Code scanner
  • Easily requesting for business cards
  • Connection with other attendees via web, email or phone
  • Live polling and mobile survey to collect feedbacks
  • Community board and social media wall

Fair Map and Indoor Navigation

  • Showing the locations of all points of interest (e.g., halls, booths, and facilities) on the map
  • Displaying the users’ location on the map
  • Searching for exhibitors, restaurants, and facilities
  • Navigation to any points of interest on the map
  • Marking halls and booths as visited
  • Gamification to make the event more engaging and increasing the traffic at the desired locations

Exhibition and Events Information

  • Exhibitors list and profile (company description, contacts, products, and catalogs)
  • List of all Events
  • Fair news
  • Announcements through push notifications to engage attendees
  • Continuous update of the contents

Marketing Communications and Advertisement

  • Sending location-based notifications based on users’ proximity to the booths
  • In app banner ads for sponsors
  • Sponsors’ information
  • Increasing booth traffic by giveaways/sweepstakes/contests
  • Raising the sponsors’ visibility

Analytics Dashboards

  • Visitors traffic statistics
  • Heat Map of the attendees movements
  • Visitors dwell time in each venue
  • Reporting the interactions between visitors and exhibitors through the mobile app

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