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SCART Solution for Hypermarkets/Department Stores

SCART solution is an innovative shopping assistant that helps the customers of the hypermarkets to make better decisions inside the store. Using SCART app, customers of the hypermarkets can be informed of the list of available products, special offers, and discounts. SCART search tool helps the customers to find their needed products and get informed of their location. Also, the SCART navigation system guides the customers on the map toward the shelf of their intended product. All in all, SCART helps the customers to have a smarter, easier, and faster shopping.

Smart indoor navigation

Utilizing the state-of-the-art technology of indoor positioning system (IPS), SCART app displays the customers' route in the hypermarket on a map and, thereby, helps them to find their intended product in the store very easily. The SCART specifically-designed map of the hypermarket helps the customers in finding and selecting the products. Based on this map, customers can observe their own position as well as the position of their intended products.

Shopping list management

Customers of the hypermarket can either bring their shopping list with themselves or create it inside the market. They can create a new shopping list or easily import their home-made list to the specific application installed on the tablet. In this way, they can integrate the shopping list that they have created on their mobile phones with the one created on the tablet.

Searching the products

In the SCART application, customers can search for their intended products to observe the specifications and position of the products in the hypermarket on the map. This application enables the customers to easily find the product they are looking for or identify the position of the products currently existing in their shopping list. Such a search feature is highly applicable and helpful, particularly in large shops wherein the positions of the products are continuously changed.

Special offers

SCART application ensures the customers that they will never lose special discounts. Via SCART, the special offers inside the shop as well as the discounts of the brands will be accessible for the visitors. Such a feature helps the customers to find the new products in the shop, to lose no hot offerings, and to make more savings.

Products information

SCART application provides the customers with information about the product they are looking for, such as nutritional facts and specifications of the product. Observing the nutritional facts and specifications of the products can help the customers to have a better shopping and make better decisions.

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